Monday, June 22, 2009

Some highlights of travelling across Canada

Here's a list of some favourite moments I've had while on the road in Canada (by no means complete - I have far too many great memories to include them all here):

  • attending a midnight concert under a bridge in Saskatoon (imagine being surrounded by fellow Fringe performers, and listening to a performer whose voice sounds like an eclectic mix between Sting and Tom Waits).
  • sitting in an outdoor hot tub at 3:00am in Athabasca, Alberta, while the northern lights shimmered overhead.
  • witnessing my first prairie storm - seeing the roiling threatening clouds building up in the distance, seeing the wind playing with the fields of wheat and canola, and feeling that electric charge in the air.
  • being surprised to find out that P.E.I. is in fact quite hilly in places, and enjoying the sand dunes; also, seeing a large group of fireflies by a marshy area.
  • finally seeing a moose out in the countryside, by the side of the road (enjoying this glimpse of a moose from a safe distance - I certainly wouldn't want to come across one standing in the middle of the highway).
  • whale watching on the west coast.
  • seeing mountain goats in the Rockies.
I could go on...

Happy travels,

Sarah :)

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Unknown said...

Beautiful moments Found with wonderful friends!